2437 4 St SW
Calgary, AB
T2S 1X5

Dinner Host: Mo

April 21st, 2017

Dinner was hosted by your's truly (the loser of the last round of dinners) at WURST on 4th St. SW. Although the events leading up to the dinner were stacked against the host and attendees liking (1. Flames losing out 2 days before the dinner, 2. big screen at Wurst not working, 3. another TV not being operational leaving 1/2 the table without view of the sporting events) the "Playoff Edition Dinner" still went well. There were two hockey games on this particular Friday night and both ended in Overtime.


However, this night didn't end up being about the sports. It was more to do with two guests that we had not seen for a while. Mazzy and MC E were present for the dinner and were impressed with the set menu that was placed in front of them. We started with a couple of charcuterie boards, nachos and Tuna poke (crushed within minutes) then a couple of Bavarian wings were added to the order (by the always worrisome Sumeet who didn't think there would be enough food). For the main event we had two Franzel's Mixed Grill orders which realistically were eaten the next day by most attendees. The flavours of the meat, cheeses, sides and appies that we ordered were great together. The pig hock that was centre piece of each FRANZEL was cooked to perfection. Crispy on the outside, yet moist and tender on the inside.


The beer selection was what I was most impressed with. Much of the beer at Wurst is not typically found in a Canadian pub so the change in taste to German style beers was welcomed by all. I have to mention that the only MAN, MAN enough to order a DAS BOOT, finished it in style. Well done Sumeet, keep it up.


All and all a great event even though earlier in the week the Flames had let all of us down.


Other events worth mentioning:

- Selfish Sens fan wanting to watch her game only

- Main dishes barely touched

- Decision of name change for The Pharaoh for the rest of the round

- Accusations of food poisoning of guests the previous weekend

- Q being Q

- Jay's game going to 13th inning at post-dinner drinks



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