The Rules

1. Miss 2 dinners in a row, YOU ARE OUT!

  • You can re-apply

  • AMD - Dinners missed for reasons related to Covid-19 (including but not limited to; Receiving a positive test, being exposed to someone with the virus, potentially exposed to the virus etc.) still count as a "Missed Dinner"  unless the member in question prepares and reads an essay at the following dinner of at least 500 words. This essay is to describe how the member, in question, will be more responsible moving forward in stopping the spread of the virus. 

2. Host submits 3 dates and chooses one​   

  • AMD  - Dates must be no later than 8 weeks after previous dinner, unless exception agreed upon by the group.

    • AMD for Round 6 ONLY - Dates must be no later than 5 weeks after previous dinner, unless exception agreed upon by the group.​

  • AMD - Meeting place and time must be communicated to the group a minmum of 48 hours prior to the dinner. 

3. Host is more than 5 minutes late (Telus/Rogers time) man's dinner is paid for by the host.

4. If guests are over 10 minutes late, for every 5 minute interval they owe a round of shots.

5. No female guests. 

6. Each member is allowed one guest per decade starting from this day henceforth.

  • AMD - Each member is allowed one guest per round. Each guest is only allowed once per decade.

7. No zero calorie / diet beverages.

8. Cell phones are not to be used during dinner (punishable by 10 push-ups immediately).

  •  AMD - The host may use his phone during dinner for the sole purpose of taking pictures and or posting to social media in order to promote Mans Dinner events only. If host does not want to do so, he may appoint 1 member to have this privilege on his behalf. 

9. If caught using mobile device in an attempt to avoid rule 8, man's dinner is paid for by the violator.

10. Every member is required to drink alcohol during the event.

  • AMD - If   you do not drink alcohol, you may gift your drink to the host, or any member of your choosing. 

11. Cancellations can only occur up to 24 hours prior to the start of dinner - to the host directly (No excuses required)

  • AMD-If cancellation occurs within 24 hours or member is a no-show and the excuse is unacceptable to the majority of the group - the guilty party is responsible for the transportation of the group (pick-up and drop-off of every member) for the next dinner.

12. AMD-Reviews must be written by the host for his dinner, within a week of that dinner. A review is deemed to be complete when it has been submitted to either the group or webmaster. A review must be at least half a page, single spaced.

  • AMD - Moving forward the duties of the Webmaster will fall under the title of Administrator.

13. AMD-Punishments must be settled immediately after the dinner during which they are given. If punishment is for a no-show (or if the member is not present) then it must be settled before or immediately after the following dinner. 


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