Tacos Mexico Memorial

3725 Memorial Drive SE
Calgary, AB
T2A 4V6

Dinner Host: Oz

November 16th, 2019

To close off the year, the squad got together for the second last dinner of the round (and most likely the last dinner of 2019. We had a full dinner as Jesse brought a guest, Scott, but had one of the originating members missing (T-dog). Since we haven’t gone to a traditional Mexican spot, I took it upon myself to find one that could provide the authentic Mexican experience.

We started the meal with some Mezcaritas (Margaritas with a twist) and Mexican Mules (tequila instead of gin!). While waiting for the starters, all members (including guest) were greeted with a massage thanks to Luis! Big thank you for violating the date rule while setting up last dinner.

Staying true to the roots of this group, this dinner had had no shortage of food. The order was made as if T-Dog was with us. To start we had nachos,  chicrarron de pescado (basa fish), sopes (corn dough topped with lettuce and multiple meats), and 5 Mexican platters which included chimichangas, chicken flautas, burritos, and enchiladas. Any reasonable group would have stopped at this point, but @Mansdinneryyc is anything but reasonable.

No Mexican meal is complete without tacos. This place has a variety of different options (fish, shrimp, cactus, barbacoa, asada, chorizo, etc) if you are ever looking to try different types. The price also cannot be beat. They come 2 for $5 and are the real deal. As the team was near tapping out, we only had room to try a couple of the flavors each: lengua (beef tongue) as well as the Al Pastor (pork/pineapple).

A debateable violation of the cell phone use rule occurred (even though the host is allowed to use cell phone occurred). Punishments were performed by 2 members (20 push-ups and eating an egg) were completed (witnessed by 3 members and there is a video of both). Rule amendment was made to allow the group to vote on whether the violation occurred or not. There was an extension also granted for the next dinner to occur as late as the end of January 2020.

To end the meal we had some traditional desserts: Pastel 3 leches (3 milks cake), churros, and flan Napolitano (highly recommend if you like cheesecake). Overall, this was a delicious filling meal with good jokes, punishments, and discussion. If you’re in the mood for traditional Mexican food at a price that won’t break the bank, this is the spot for you. It gets very packed during peak times and there is a continual line (meaning reservation is required for larger groups). The restaurant was a pleasure to deal with and @mansdinneryyc thanks you for hosting us. Till next time my friends, stay hungry.


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