Sun's BBQ

1423 Centre St N
Calgary, AB
T2E 2R8

Dinner Host: Craig

October 13th, 2017

For my 4th hosted dinner I decided to get away from the crawls and get back to my roots. I took the boys to one of my favorite places, Sun’s BBQ Restaurant. More specifically we went for the late-night menu which starts at 9 pm. If you have visited our website you will notice that the only Asian in the group is Sumeet who is Indian so to ensure that we were judged by the emptiness of our stomachs and not the colour of our skins I chose to bring the legend, Mr. Richard.


Mr. Richard is a close family friend who is originally from Hong Kong and a man who I consider a second father. Even before I had teeth, Mr. Richard was feeding me parts of animals that many would never even think to eat. He has played a big role in my almost unhealthy obsession with food.


Sun’s BBQ Restaurant’s late-night menu offers smaller dishes so you can try more things as well as complimentary congee. I decided to leave the ordering to Mr. Richard as he has never let me down and the man knows his food. He ordered so many different dishes it will be hard to remember them all but I will do my best. We tried the plain congee, oyster and seafood congee, Szechuan clams, deep fried chicken knees, a platter of duck wings, tripe, pork intestine, and cuttlefish, salt and pepper silverfish, salt and pepper seafood, fried green beans with minced pork and a few more items that now escape me. All the dishes were great and came out almost as soon as we ordered them. We ended up ordering three different times as all the men came to EAT that night! If you like a little more authentic Hong Kong style food then you must try Sun’s BBQ Restaurant.


Other events worth mentioning:


  • Mr. Richard is now the Guide of Mans Dinner YYC

  • New Rule: Social Media posts may be made outside of the actual dinners if three or more members are present

  • George “The Disappointment” was kicked out of Mans Dinner as this was his second dinner in a row that he missed. The comeback is in the works!

  • Roger’s application was approved! He will become a member if he eats the entire A&W Burger Family and then squat the equivalent weight of each member of Mans Dinner YYC.


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