Shawarma Crawl

Dinner Host: The group

May 18th, 2018

Jimmy's on 4th:  1304 4 St SW

Shawarma Palace: 632 Bowness Rd NW,

Jerusalem Shawarma: 5255 Richmond Rd SW 

May 18th was booked in as our newest member’s (Roger) first hosted dinner. Drama ensued the week before however, and without digressing into too much detail, let’s just say he will no longer be taking part in any future events. Man’s Dinner, now cut back down to 9 members, and only 6 for the evening, still ventured ahead with dinner #9 of round #4.  The phones were cast aside as usual, but everything else was up for grabs. What started as an idea to meet at Jimmy’s on 4th avenue, quickly turned into a Shawarma crawl around southwest Calgary in honor of Roger’s short time as a member.

Jimmy’s is a Calgary staple now with 2 locations, and some of the juiciest chicken you will find anywhere. Not a traditional Shawarma per se, Jimmy’s pita is stuffed to the max. The chicken is spiced just right and doused in a good helping of garlic and hot sauce. Just enough vegetables fill the very small gaps left by the massive mound of meat on top. Even the small is filling however, if not taking part in a crawl; definitely get the Medium with a samosa on the side.

Second stop of the night and now crowd favorite was Shawarma Palace in Montgomery. All group members except Sumeet went with a Medium pita of either the beef and lamb, or the trio (beef, lamb, chicken). Sumeet couldn’t resist and ordered a full platter. One bite and smiles sprang up around the table. This is no ordinary Shawarma joint. The meet is made with love, and Mustafa understands what good food should taste like. The sauces are all packed with flavor and the toppings are cut to the perfect size. Each pita finished on the grill before being served hot, and devoured quickly by the hungry patrons. Mustafa then brought us garlic potatoes to try and a heaping plate of baklava for dessert.  Everything here is on point, don’t wait, and just go eat there next time you are out.

After a quick coffee break, it was off to Jerusalem Shawarma to finish off the night. Jerusalem’s spices are unique, with almost a tangy, curry feel to them. They use saj bread to wrap a traditional pita in the middle, which gives you a very large meal that would fill you up on a normal day, never mind stop 3 of the night.  The boys never back down though and managed to polish off all of the food, including the complimentary baklava passed out to each member.   As we left, all smelling of garlic and suffering from serious meat sweats, we made one last toast to all of our former members – may they find good food wherever they go.

-The Men

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