Pho Dau Bo

4909 17 Ave SE 
Calgary, AB
T2A 0V5

Dinner Host: Mo

October 27th, 2018

The second dinner of this current round all started with a set of salad rolls served before all the guests were seated. Now that’s what I call hospitality. The atmosphere at Pho Dau Bo was very much to my personal liking; Well lit, no music, and clean bathrooms.

The host was going for a soup and sandwich meal with a Vietnamese twist, so the second course was a chicken sate sub for each member. A great sub is all about the bun and the baguette that we were served was perfectly toasted on the outside, yet nice and soft on the inside.

The main course was very much enjoyed by the group as the bone marrow added a little bit of fat to the perfectly spiced Pho meanwhile the lobster tail provided a special decadence fit for our group. I should have got the XL though… you can always use more noodles.

The boys were needing something extra, so we had a few servings of springs rolls during the main course and then even more after.

The meal was finally completed with Vietnamese coffees, coconut ice cream and banana spring rolls.

Now I may have violated a man’s dinner rule since this restaurant does not serve alcohol, however, the move was made to a hotel bar nearby for a couple pitchers of beer, allowing the group to enjoy some bevies, the World Series, and of course make some new friends.  


-Mo "out of MDYYC basement" Zokaee

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