909 17 Ave SE 
Calgary, AB
T2A 0V5

Dinner Host: Andrew

October 14th, 2016

Mimo was the site for the second last mans dinner of the round. It happened to be my first hosting and I think the boys would agree it was a success. This particular Friday night was also ALCS game 1 so pressure was on to ensure we could be seated next to the only TV available.  We were only 6 for the night, with Craig off in Toronto on some manly business, Mo off in the Hat making money for the Fam and Jesse, well he cancelled within 24 hours for reasons deemed not worthy and will face a penalty next dinner.  But I digress…


A selection of appetizers kicked things off; The sausage, which comes on a flaming dish that extinguishes slowly as you begin to cut into it, followed by two Portuguese classics, mussels and grilled squid. Both covered in sauces so good, that every last drop was hungrily scooped up using the fresh bread provided (and refilled multiple times).


The mains started with Paella made fresh to order and cooked up with lobster, crab, mussels, clams and chicken all over top the best rice you could imagine. This was really the crown jewel of the dinner, as you could taste the 33 years of that kitchen with every bite. However at the same time it did not take away from the accompanying meat dishes which both surprised in their complexity of flavor; The BBQ chicken came with an amazing Piri Piri sauce all surrounded by plantain chips. The pork and clams offered us a less known dish that left you wanting more almost immediately. The clams were steamed to perfection and the pork was crispy yet juicy at the same time. All was washed down with a couple bottles of Portuguese wine perfectly recommended by our attentive and well-spirited waitress.


We finished with a selection of deserts, most of us going with the Mimo version of a Maria cake, which is not sweet, but a fresh, crisp, half frozen cake that leaves you satisfied after a flavorful meal. Special shout out to the kitchen for sending us some Port on the house as a nightcap.


The Blue Jays may have lost on this night, but Mimo Restaurant definitely hit a home run!




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