Just BBQ

120-1211 Edmonton Trail
Calgary, AB
T2E 6W2

Dinner Host: Kwesi

January 24th, 2020

2020 is upon us now, and we are starting out the year with wrapping up round five with dinner number ten!  A new Taiwanese restaurant has just opened last summer called “JustBBQ”, and this restaurant was my pick to end off the round. The turnout for this dinner was 90% of the group.

At the time of the dinner, we had most the restaurant to ourselves, which allowed us to hear ourselves speak and joke amongst one another. The restaurant does have ample amount of TV’s to view sports, considering the smaller size of the venue! For the food, we started off with some appetizers – including chicken bites, dumplings, chicken chips, deep-fried buns and sliced night market sausage. The chicken bites were juicy and flavorful, that came with their special house sauce to compliment the overall taste.

Next up were the variety of bbq meat skewers, including: teriyaki beef, cod’s roe sauce beef, teriyaki chicken, bacon wrapped scallop, spicy chicken heart, also the house special beef and chicken skewers. The house special skewers used their own recipe of sauce, which made these skewers my personal favorite ones to eat there.

After the serving of meat skewers - came in a few plates that had a mixture of beef, chicken, rice and noodles with vegetables as part of the entre. We didn’t leave out seafood for this dinner either – more plates kept coming in adding on salt & pepper shrimp, salt & pepper scallop, blackened basa fish, bacon wrap scallop, and garlicy baked clam. The salt & pepper shrimp and the bacon wrap scallop were the standout points for the seafood dishes that were brought out!

On the veggie end of things, the servings included asparagus (bacon wrapped), garlicy BBQ enoki mushroom, BBQ zucchini and long oyster mushrooms. The zucchini and mushrooms were served on a plate in a skewer fashion.

During the dinner, it voted upon that round six dinners require be decided upon within five-week increments. Mo will be starting off round six under this added rule for the round.

Overall, JustBBQ was an enjoyable experience with pleasurable food, which I will be making my way back there sooner than later!!


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