3132 26 St NE 
Calgary, AB
T1Y 6Z1

Dinner Host: OZ

June 18th, 2016

Man’s Dinner 5 season 3 took place in the heart of Calgary’s international quadrant, the NE. The

restaurant, Inti, is a mom-n- pop shop that serves modern Peruvian dishes. The first thing you notice

when walking in is the décor. Colorful walls with barely any English written on anything. This is almost

always a good sign. Although the restaurant is small in size, it was enough to feed the six men (minus

Mo as he had to cancel to wait for his wife to finish doing her nails) with a huge appetite, which

attended the dinner.

This round was different than most, as the organizer opted for the buffet versus the normal menu

(giving the squad an opportunity to try everything instead of just one meal). This included 9 different

dishes with 9 different sauces to try (catering to all folks level of spice from lemon chicken to inferno).

The menu had Fried Yuca, Salchipapa, chicken, ceviche, pork belly, fish, and soups, amongst many other

things that most of us had never tried before. The drink of choice in Peru (or at least at this restaurant)

was Pisco – which is a brandy. Everyone tried a different variation of the liquor on the menu with the

exception of Q (opting for a drink he is more familiar with – Corona). To top it all off, desserts were

included in the meal (not like we needed it going in for 3 + rounds), but in typical man’s dinner fashion,

we finished them. They must have been playing DJ Khaled in the back because once everyone finished

their plate, they kept going back for “Another one.”

Kwasi (Q), for once finished his meal (completely) before everyone. All left this meal in a damn near food


Overall, Inti was an adventure for all since none of us has had Peruvian (a 6 in Sumeet’s area – out of 6

of course!). Till next time boys –Stay Hungry! Oh yeah, George you are next and have until Sept 1 to

have the dinner.

- Oz

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