Hayloft Restaurant

5101, 403 MacKenzie Way SW
Airdrie, AB
T4B 3V7

Dinner Host: Andrew

August 19th, 2017

After scouting out multiple Calgary restaurants, I felt it was time to branch out beyond our borders for my round 4 dinner. Hayloft in Airdrie had been getting some serious acclaim lately so I reached out to owner and operator James who ensured we received the royal treatment.


My brother Mike was in town so I brought him along to help out. Together, 8 of us piled in to two vehicles and took a little road trip 30mins north.  We received a very warm welcome by the James and the staff and kicked things off with stellar cocktails. As soon as our pallets were wet, Hayloft began to hit us hard with some serious eats. First up was a very creamy, tasty beef tartar with chips along with Brandade (salted fish) croquettes over salad. Both dishes were a great indication of things to come and I was sad when that last bite of tartar was cleaned off the plate.  


Over some wine and another round of drinks, we were treated to 3 different main dishes. A perfectly cooked Ribeye roast over crushed potatoes, duck breast over Panzanella salad and house made pork sausage accompanied by lentil Ragu. The fact that the furthest any of these ingredients travelled from was Carstairs, was second only to the amazing taste that every dish brought.


The succulent duck was melt in your mouth and the group all hungrily ate the house made croutons in that salad. The buttery crushed potatoes served as a perfect bed for the Ribeye and those sausages, well they may have just been the best sausages I’ve ever had in my life; A sentiment that was echoed by others during the car ride home. We closed the meal with a house made peach fritter, some coffee and a shot on the house.


The great night came to an end with the drive home, complemented by a roadside fireworks display just off highway 2.  Do yourself a favor and head up the road to Airdrie, dine in what feels like a country home and support the local food movement. You will not be disappointed when you are greeted by a staff that truly cares about everything they do.





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