Donna Mac

1002 9 St SW
 Calgary, AB
T2R 0B5

Dinner Host: Travis

February 26th, 2018

This round begins with my good friend Auzzy, who got me on the inside track with the head chef at Donna Mac, Tino.  They worked together at a previous establishment and I have heard numerous tales of fun, weird, funky foods they would create and it sounded right up our alley.  I met with Tino a few weeks prior to discuss the menu and what we are all about.  After brunch and a few coffees, we were talking the same language and he created a fantastic menu for the men and I.

We sat down for dinner with a full lineup and menus printed for everyone so they could begin to fantasize about the meal to come.  To start off, a cocktail was created for us which was an ode to the outdoors; A gin based drink with a heavy peat taste which brought out a natural smokiness that one can bring back to a campfire.  Next the feasting began, firstly we had a charred beet salad with jalapeno cream, which was served along a massive, handmade coiled up sausage which would have been taller than any Man’s Dinner attendee if laid out from tip to tip!  It was based around an African Merguez sausage packed full of spices and flavors of the region, which was nestled on a bed of chickpea stew.  This was served with a yogurt sauce and fresh fry bread to round out the offer.  Next we were served smoked quail, which was also accompanied by an apple and fois gras slaw.  The quail was nicely smoked and that sauce elevated it to another level of excellence.  Finally, we had the main event, a whole trout served with a radish salad and chimi churri.  If you haven’t ever mixed fish with chimi churri, stop what you are doing right now, go to your fish monger, buy fish, make fish and a fresh chimi churri, eat, and then thank Man’s Dinner.  This combination was new and refreshing, yet still let the subtleness of the fish be the star.  The side for this course was sweet sautéed parsnips with crunchy basterma to finish it off. 

To end the meal, we were served a great Amaro cake donut with some sweet, crunchy maple bourbon glaze.  A take on the classic donut, but given the Tino twist to elevate it yet again.  After a quick espresso and a few more overly heated and deep conversations, the dinner was brought to a conclusion.

Other events worth mentioning:

  • Man’s Dinner has set forth a game plan for world domination that everyone agreed upon (a rarity)


Yours truly,

Travis aka. Trevor

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