Comery Block

​638 17 Ave SW

Calgary, AB

T2S 0B4

Dinner Host: Sumeet

August 10th, 2019

For this edition of Man’s Dinner I decided to try one of Calgary’s newest hot spots, Comery Block Barbecue. Located on trendy 17th Ave, Comery Block is the sister restaurant to the super popular Hayden Block (located in Kensington) and MainStreet BBQ (located in Airdrie.)  Like it’s sisters, it showcases slow smoked, high quality barbeque but what sets Comery Block apart is its focus on Tennessee/Memphis barbeque (that is, sauces that are generally thin, tangy, and somewhat sweet) and its unmatched Whisky and Bourbon list. Both of which will definitely make it the go to restaurant on 17th ave.

Given that it was setup to be a saucy, finger licking food affair I had special Man’s Dinner bibs made (trinkets.) Once on, we were welcomed with a Bourbon tasting of the Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon, as suggested by their bar manager. The drink did not disappoint as it was smooth and opened up the palette. The first course consisted of Smoked Pork Belly, Wings, Watermelon Salad, Nachos and Deep-Fried Pickles. All were outstanding but the clear favorite was the Smoked Pork Belly, which was perfectly seasoned, easy to share and full of flavor…. but be careful, these are so addictive you won’t realize when you’ve finished the plate (or three.)

For the main event we started with another drink, the Double-Smoked Old Fashioned (half sweet because who needs all that sugar with their Bourbon.) These were fantastic with the perfect balance between smoke and peat. For food we had the Nashville Hot Chicken, Brisket, Pork Ribs, Turkey with a side of Mac & Cheese, Creamy Slaw, Potato Salad and Collard Greens! What can I say, the Brisket and Ribs were cooked to perfection with just the right amount of smoke to not overpower the meat; the Turkey was super moist and carried lots of great flavor; and the Hot Chicken was great because it was still crispy on the outside (despite being dunked in hot sauce) but moist and meaty inside. In terms of the sides, the clear favorite was the Mac & Cheese with Mo even saying it was one of the best he has ever had…. Not an easy honor to gain!!


The meal left everyone with a clear case of the ITIS and ready for a nap, and although I cannot confirm or deny it, there may have been some leftovers for the next day. But we were not done yet, to end the meal and to balance the richness from all the meats we had a classic southern dessert, banana pudding. It was really the perfect closer to an awesome meal and night.  Comery Block is a definitely a must try in Calgary, it has great food, great drinks and a great atmosphere. This place is fantastic for date nights, pre-Flames game drinks/food or just a night of gluttonous eating with the boys!



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