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Dinner Host: Travis

January 29th, 2016

Our 3rd dinner in the round 3 of Mans Dinner YYC was another gluttonous and over indulging evening.  It

all began with a magic trick outdoors which stumped everyone especially the assistant, recently self-proclaimed “Q”, discarding the old name of “Bobby Brown.” 


As we sat and got a round of drinks at our table we realised that Sumeet enjoys a little itty bitty milk from the bottle just as much as a 4 year old child.  The rest of the cocktails and beers did not get any complaints. 


That is when the real business started.  We have had our first application to Mans Dinner YYC in some

time.  It was from none other than the godfather of sorts, Mr. Andrew Pohlod.  The guarantee of

Confidence in completing the challenge and a high school type initiation was voted in unanimously by

the members.


Then the food.  We had a set menu of bone marrow, beef tartar, two types of flat bread, fries, cock,

bull, and two types of desserts.  By the time we got to the bull and cock, we were all pushed to the max,

as was our waistbands.  Fun side note, only Mo, Q, and Sumeet enjoyed it so much that they wanted to

have a little more cock in and around their mouths the next day. 


Overall a great evening amongst gentleman: New member possibilities, chili cook off rules and regs

announced and a very common trend of too much meat was devoured. 




- Trevor

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