Burger Crawl

Dinner Host: Craig

April 2nd, 2016

Burger 320:  814 1st Ave NE -Calgary, AB

Native Tongues: 235 12th Ave SW - Calgary, AB

Model Milk: 308 17th Ave SW - Calgary, AB

My dinner for round 2 was the famous fried chicken crawl so it was only fitting that I planned a burger crawl for round 3. This was Andrew's first dinner as a member of the Calgary chapter. We had 2 guests for this round. Travis' and I's father the legendary Bill Barnden. Also Andrew brought Jay his brother from a another mother from Montreal. Jay is also a founder of the original Montreal Mans Dinner Chapter.  I didn't just want to do a cliche burger crawl. I wanted to make sure that the men tasted some of the best burgers they've ever had. I chose 3 locations, Burger 320, Native Tongues, and Model Milk. We travelled to each location with a portable table, chairs, and table cloths. Set up camp outside and enjoyed our burgers. To top it off Mother Nature was one sexy babe that day with a high of 21C!

We started the crawl off on a good note at Burger 320. We each ate a Wickens Burgers and some their Box of Shrooms. The burgers were awesome! They had a sweet and savoury flavour but you could still taste the beef. Burger 320 doesn't fuck around when it comes to deep fried mushrooms. Deep fried Portobello mushrooms! Amazing!

The next stop was Native Tongues. Now you may not expect a good burger from a Taqueria but you would be wrong. Native Tongues' charcoaled burger tastes the way a Big Mac should. We also tried a few tacos which were obviously very tasty.

The last stop was Model Milk. Now keep in mind this was the Saturday of Juno weekend and this is one of Calgary's top restaurants. They were closed to host a private event but still managed to make 11 burgers and fries for us. Their burger was simple yet still one of the best burgers I have ever tasted.

The gourmet burger crawl was a great success but ended on a little sour note as Jesse revealed the location of Sumeet's stag which was supposed to be a surprise. I hope he is punished for his incompetence.


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