1131 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 3P4

Dinner Host: Jesse

December 5th, 2015

We reached out to the Brasserie to have a special menu created and they went over and above for us.

We began the meal with a Chef selected IPA to start. I don’t remember the exact name but it was great.

The first course was the small brasserie poutine, cheese curds, and duck gravy. The fries were absolutely



The second course was the duck foie gras which is so rich and buttery.

The third course and 1st of the 2 mains we requested was the duck breast, with a brussels sprout hash.

Once again their duck is amazing.


Lastly and our 2nd main was the lamb shank with the pomme puree, crispy onions and horseradish

cream and lamb jus. It was very tender and flavorful.


Overall the Brasserie was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend it.


- Jesse

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