Blue Star Diner

809 1st Ave NE
Calgary, AB
T2E 0C2

Dinner Host: Mo

October 25th, 2015

Blue Star Diner - October 25, 2015


As the sun was rising on a crisp autumn morning, 8 men sat down in a busy and bustling Blue Star Diner for what turned out to be the first Man's Breakfast. The diner did not take reservations, therefore the host showed up at 8 am to make sure seats were available for all the participants. It was 15 minutes to 9 when the rest of the men trickled into the diner.


The morning was a little odd as one of the members had recently resigned from the group. Needless to say, the main topic of discussion was the group's stringent rules and punishments which were brought to our attention in the form of a resignation letter. The letter had compared the group to a religion and some of the members had taken offence to this comparison. However, we decided to better the group with making sure that all decisions going forward are made at the table rather than through emails and chatrooms


The meal itself was a mixture of breakfasts and lunches ordered by the group and with the coffee and juice flowing, it lifted our spirits and got us ready to make our fantasy picks for NFL Sunday. Needless to say, breakfast was a great idea in the host's mind since "the most important meal of the day" started the day on the right foot and we all had the rest of the day ahead of us with our stomachs full. 


 - Mo

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