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Dinner Host: George

May 24th, 2019

After a bit of confusion with the date of the dinner we were set to go to Anatolia Turkish restaurant right beside Olympic Plaza. I have been to Anatolia a number of times with the family and could think of no better place to take the boys and share some amazing food. Another bonus that Anatolia offers is no corkage fee, which is amazing as they don’t serve alcohol. You can bring your favorite booze and they take care of everything else.

Maria was our host for the evening and did a truly wonderful job in making sure our night went perfectly smooth, the service and hospitality of Anatolia deserves a review of its own, in short, the best there is. But this review is about the food, which is the best Turkish food you will find in Calgary. If lamb is your meat of choice, then absolutely make a trip down to Anatolia.

We started the meal with a personal findik lahmacun, think pita bread with perfectly seasoned ground lamb on top. All their breads are made fresh in house, this little taste of what’s to come set the tone of the flavors and care they take with their food. The rest of the food came out family style, with the exception of their slow-cooked lamb shank. I wanted to ensure every man had a lamb shank to themselves as this is my favorite dish, and one of the best lamb shanks available in the city. We also had alongside the lamb shank: Sultan’s delight, a stir fry of beef and vegetables atop a eggplant puree; Bayti Kebab, a minced lamb meatball of sorts grilled then wrapped in a thin bread and grilled again coated in a savory tomato sauce; and the Kuzu Kapama, a oven roasted portion of lamb cooked to perfection, no knives needed.


Following the feast we indulged in some Turkish tea and coffee, both of which are done in a fashion you won’t be accustomed to. For dessert we had their amazing Kunefe, a shredded pastry stuffed with cheese smothered in a simple syrup. This is a traditional middle eastern dessert, and from my experience Anatolia’s Kunefe gives all the rest in the middle east a run for their money.

Items of note for the dinner: we had an almost full table with our other resident Arab Mo being MIA. Sumeet’s attempt to re-instate my nickname of “the disappointment” failed, nice try mafucks. The resident bad boy, Kwasi, has earned himself the nickname “One-Eye”. And our newest member Luis, is now a full-fledged Canadian Citizen! Congratulations to your newest fellow Canuck!

Sumeet you're up next bud!

Until next time for fucks sake vaccinate your kids, you despicable people


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