Alumni Sandwiches

725 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
T2S 0B6

Dinner Host: Travis

March 29th, 2019

It was Friday night and the boys were out and about, rearing to go!  For the past few months I have been working with the owner/operator extraordinaire Jeremy Milligan, to compose the perfect menu for my round 5 dinner.  I was eager to share this place with the fellas as I have frequented it before and it received the accolade as one of the 10 Best New Restaurants in the Prairies by the Globe & Mail.

Just like last dinner, we had another full house, with all members present along with my guest, Matty ‘Mountain’ Dyck (future application is hopefully in the works for this gentlemen).

We started our meal with various drinks and cocktails, the local Village Wit being a popular choice.  Appetizers began with the communal sharing of Crispy Mozzarella, Marinated Olives, and the ever growing in popularity, Florentine Deviled Eggs.  The mozzarella was on point, served with a fresh marina, crunchy on the outside and still getting that lovely stringy cheese you are looking for inside. The Deviled Eggs being a surprise hit with a perfect mix of spice and smoothness to round out the amazing bite. 

Next, the main event.  As Jeremy quoted, “You can’t come to a sandwich place and have A single sandwich.”  Noted. So, we went on to share 3 of the heavy hitters on the menu: The Tuna Melt, Mexican Torta, and the Hot Chicken. The surprise favorite was the Mexican Torta, with the chorizo being cooked perfectly with a slight char/crunch and the slaw to add some creaminess to the whole sandwich.  The Tuna Melt was an elevated version from what our parents use to make us without a doubt.  Topped with a radish and fennel slaw to cut through the tuna’s richness.  Finally, the Nashville style Hot Chicken.  This one will push the heat limits of your palate, tickling on the verge of too much.  Maybe some of the boys are just getting old and soft stating there was a hint of bitterness? Either way an amazing sandwich with a perfectly moist piece of fried chicken and an amazing hot sauce concoction.  Alongside our sandwiches we also indulged in some house cut potato chips and fries.   The chips stood out being homemade, great seasoning and that perfect crunch. 

To finalize our meal, we were blessed to partake in the sweet sweet offerings of our own, individual Apple Pie, served with a dulche de leche sauce and some vanilla bean ice cream.  The pie was just the way you want it with that flaky exterior and still warm in the middle.  A perfect way to end an amazing meal. 



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