Aladdin's Casbah

12445 Lake Fraser Drive SE 
Calgary, AB
T2J 7A4

Dinner Host: George

August 20th, 2016

For my Man’s Dinner I chose Aladdin’s Casbah a chill Lebanese restaurant in the south end of Calgary. I arranged for us to have the Sultan’s Feast, a huge meal which gives you a bit of all the good stuff that they have to offer.


We started the meal with a Mezze of 10 different appetizers, including an assortment of dips, olives and of course pita bread. Alongside the essentials, we were treated with Kebi Nayi, a mixture of steak tartar and cracked wheat spiced to perfection. As well as their specialty sausages and wrapped grape vine leaf rolls. An excellent start to a great night, we opted for a bottle of the regionally familiar liquor known as Arak. Very similar to ouzo or Sambuca, when mixed with water and ice becomes milky and is either loved or hated depending on the taste of the individual.


Our main course was a carnivore’s delight, known as the mixed grill. These platters have a selection of all their grilled meats: shish taouk (chicken), shish kabab (beef and lamb) and Kafta Kabab (kinda like a meatball), piled onto a plate of rice and served with plenty of pita bread we ate to our hearts content. Alongside the mixed grill, comes their delicious jumbo shrimp and my favorite dish grilled quails.


As we were slowing down and finishing our meal, we were treated to the typical Arabic pastime of belly dancing. With the music thumping and the lady gyrating we got our hands on some authentic Lebanese desserts and baklava, served with tea or coffee.  To cap the night off we indulged in some shisha, overall a thoroughly enjoyable experience looking forward to my next trip to Aladdins.


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