Adobo Experience

2770 Glenmore Trail
Calgary, AB
T2C 2E6

Dinner Host: Oz

June 30th, 2018

Finally…..were at the end of round 4 and what better way to wrap it up!

For my dinner, I decided to bring the men (minus Jesse…you missed out!!!) for a different type of dinner than we are used to. Through a strong recommendation, I brought the group to a Filipino restaurant, Adobo Experience.

Adobo experience offers something that is different than most restaurants: you can eat with your hands (using gloves of course… and it’s completely acceptable, if not encouraged!) and plates are optional. ‘How can this be’, you ask? To add to the full experience, you eat on banana leaves. Once I saw this option, I knew that it had to be added to the rule list for the night as ‘no utensils’ (which has a story I will get into later).

The meal was laid out family style, in what can be referred to as a “Boodle Fight.” Urban dictionary defines a boodle fight as “a military style of eating,” in which food, piled on top of banana leaves laid out on long tables, is to be taken with bare hands washed with water from jugs prepared on the side, which “eating combat” begins when the signal is given.

We are not soldiers, but that battle for the food was on when dinner started. The meal started with a layout of Chicken Insaal, Crispy Pata, Pork Ribs, Bangus Sigsig, Pansit, rested on a bed of unlimited rice, salted egg, and vegetables. Reasonable folks would have been satisfied with this for dinner, but since we aren’t reasonable, we needed to diversify the meal by adding Flaming Bulalo Steak (which was placed on fire at the table!), Flaming Adobo, as well as Fried Pompano. With all food groups now represented at the table, the battle begun!

There were several rule violations that were required to be served at this dinner:

Andrew (using utensils)  à Eat Balut

Kwasi (missed review) à Eat Balut

Travis (missed review) à Stand up to greet whenever someone comes to the table

During the meal, the ‘no utensils’ rule was broken, by Andrew. As a result of this violation, he had to eat an egg. What most people are thinking is ‘what’s so hard about eating an egg?’ Well, this was not just an ordinary egg! It was a Filipino delicacy, Balut, which is a fermented duck egg that is to be cracked open, filled with vinegar, then slurped out before being peeled to eat. Q elected to complete the same pleasure as Andrew and was pleasantly surprised that it ‘tastes like chicken.’

Post meal, a massive Halo Halo desert was served. Halo Halo is basically a layered Filipino sundae that contains a mix of sweet and savory pieces (gummies, beans, nuts, fruits, etc) as well as a bed of ice. In the state that it comes out in, the desert is great because you can experience the layers without not too much ice! However, a special thanks to Mo for turning the sundae into Slurpee!

Fantastic overall! For the price, experience, and quality, this cannot be beat! A final shout out to Mavi and Jeff from adobo experience who were awesome hosts and instrumental in helping put this together!

As always, all good things have to come to an end. Voting time for the best of the round to take place shortly!

Mans’ Dinner Round 5 to begin right after…Jesse, you’re up.


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